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Our preference for organic wine

French wine grapes
On our blog we only provide tips on wine domains that grow organic wine. More and more domains are about organic wine growing. It is mainly the sons or daughters of the existing domains that choose to produce this way. After the Second World War pesticides have been used for convenience and higher yields. Now, many years later, after the vineyards have been treated with pesticides for decades, there is no longer life in the soil. This causes a lot of erosion because there is nothing in the earth that holds water and soil. In France, several documentaries have also been published that show the harmfulness of pesticides to nature and humans in the immediate environment. Those who use them are getting more and more health problems. There is a lot more cancer and even children in the area are born with pesticides in their blood. France is still in place 2 in terms of the use of pesticides. Fortunately, the Vaucluse is at the top of the list of areas where more and more organic wine-growing is taking place. We experience that the taste of the food in general and the wine is so much better. Bad organic wine hardly doesn't exist anymore and the organic wines are gaining more prizes on wine-making. The prices are really not much more expensive and besides the benefits to your own health, you also contribute to a healthier nature and a healthier living environment of the wine maker.

Organic wine

Facilities in the area

  • Baker in Entrechaux 0.6 miles away
  • Mini supermarkt in Entrechaux
  • 2 Bars en 3 restaurants in Entrechaux
  • Supermarkets in Vaison la Romaine at 3.7 miles

We are in southern France at 24 miles (40 km) from Avignon and 74 miles (120 km) from Marseille. It is hilly here with many forests, vineyards and olive groves and the Mont Ventoux that extends everywhere.


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We will be very pleased to welcome you as our guest.
Judith Derksen & Frank Molenaar
1250 Chemin du Seguret
84340 Entrechaux


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