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Healthy forest walks during your holiday

forest provence
Several studies have shown that walking in a forest is very healthy. It does not have to be a very long walk. A walk of 30 minutes already has a positive effect. In Japan they even have a separate expression for it "Shinrin yoku" that means literally translated forest baths. Walking is the forest provides 1) stress reduction 2) heart rate and blood pressure reduction 3) morality improvement 4) immune system boost 5) digestion improvement 6) lifetime extension 7) improvement of concentration. In a forest phytoncides are present which are substances that are excreted by trees and plants to protect themselves against germs and insects. The inhaling of this air is very healthy. With us you walk within 5 minutes in the forest and around you will find forests everywhere. This way your holiday can be health-promoting. A nice bonus!

The intoxicating scent of the linden tree blossom

blossom of Provencal linden tree
In early June, the linden tree blossom will bloom everywhere in the area. It produces an intoxicating soft sweet smell. In earlier times, many lentil blossoms were plucked and dried because of their medicinal properties. The interior of our holiday home called Tilleul (linden tree in French) was previously used to dry the linden tree blossom of the two large linden trees in the farm's parking lot. In the walls there were holes everywhere in which the used to put sticks to dry the blossom. We filled some of these holes with special wine bottle corks for decoration.
In July you will find "Le Marché au tilleul et aux plantes aromatiques et médicinales" in Buis le Baronnies each year.
In Buis les Baronnies there is also a museum and herb garden that you can visit.
See the French-speaking website for more information.

The sweet smell of blooming broom

Provencal blooming broom
In May and June you will find blooming broom everywhere. In areas where the soil is not being cultivated, wildlife is filled with broom. As soon as you get there you are overwhelmed by the sweet smell and the beautiful bright yellow color. A month earlier in the season, a less fragrant variant with sharp spikes blossoms.

Provence and lavender belong together

Provencal lavender
Provence is famous for its extensive lavender fields in summer from mid June to mid August. Now Provence is a very vast area of which the department of Vaucluse is a part. Both in the Vaucluse and the Drome there are a number of locations where you can find many lavender fields. The essential oils obtained from the distillation of the lavender are processed in a variety of products because of the disinfecting, caring and relaxing effect. The smell that comes from lavender fields is already intoxicating. The most famous places in the area are the plain of Sault, the valley of St.Jalle and the surroundings of Valreas.

The Papilionidae butterfly in Provence

Papilionidae butterfly in Provence
We personally find it the most beautiful butterfly in Provence. They are mainly found in the summer on lavender bushes and the valerian plant. It is not a rare butterfly and he also occurs in parts of Belgium and the Netherlands. Have you ever seen it?

Le temps des cerises

Provencal cherries
It is again cherry harvesttime in Provence after the warm days in May. We have 2 old cherry trees standing around the farm that give those nice big cherries. The area around the Mont Ventoux is famous for its splendid big cherries called Burlat, especially on the Bedoin side. It's definitely worth a tour at the end of May and early June. There is even a Fête de la Cerise mid-June in Malemort du Comtat.

Sunflowers sea in Provence

sunflower fleld in Provence
Currently in July there are many beautiful sunflower fields to admire in the area. They contribute to the true summer feeling. Due to the bright yellow color it seems like many suns radiate heat. From Crestet towards Le Barroux via Malaucene there are several fields to admire.

Facilities in the area

  • Baker in Entrechaux 0.6 miles away
  • Mini supermarkt in Entrechaux
  • 2 Bars en 3 restaurants in Entrechaux
  • Supermarkets in Vaison la Romaine at 3.7 miles

We are in southern France at 24 miles (40 km) from Avignon and 74 miles (120 km) from Marseille. It is hilly here with many forests, vineyards and olive groves and the Mont Ventoux that extends everywhere.


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